From the whole Nobo selection we have the NCU type control units in our offering. All of these are modular - this means they can be selected and handled as a separate piece from the panel heaters in case of Nobo Fjord and Oslo models. All of the Nobo panel heaters with NCU control units installed are Ecodesign compliant. (Note: Control units with radio receiver (R) must be used with Nobo Eco Hub to be Ecodesign compliant.) They are programmable in order to save energy and with the help of modern technology these thermostats are accurate and exact so Nobo panel heaters always give the desired indoor temperature regardless of changing outdoor temperatures. Important to note that the standby effect of panel heaters is as low as maximum 0.5 W.

Two main groups of NCU control units:

  1. Local thermostats: they enable local temperature setting and programming, however no remote access.  These local control units have the advantage of being more simple, comfort and eco temperatures can be set on the digital screen by the unit of 1 degree (+7 to +30 C), and thanks to the adaptive start technology the control unit starts the heating program based on the last 10 days data so that the desired temperature is already reached by the time of the program start time. 
    In this group of thermostats we offer the 2Te basic model featuring 9 pre-set time programs, and the 2T programmable control unit.
  2. Radio control units: they enable remote control and smart home apps, if used with the Nobo Eco Hub; the local setting options are limited. The biggest advantage of these is they can be programmed from smart phone of tablet via the Nobo Energy Control App, and they can be turned off or on from a remote location. So this smart control solution is the most comformatble and energy saving use of your Nobo heaters. Another great advantage of the Eco Hub system is that you can integrate the control of your other Nobo items such as multiple panel heaters, electric floor heating and Eco Sense window open sensors. 
    The radio control units include 1R, 2R and ER thermostats.

Overview chart of Nobo NCU control units

Nobo NCU control units overview chart

Questions for selecting your control unit:

To be able to select among the available control units, you have to think about the planned usage:

  • Will you need only 1-2 panel heaters or will you install additional Nobo equipment in your home?
  • Is your temperature programming need covered by one of the pre-set time programmes or would you like individual programming possibility?
  • Would you like remote control capability with smart home app, or are you OK with local programming and control?


If you plan just 1-2 panel heaters in your home then the local control units can be the easiest choice. If the pre-set time programs meet your program needs then the basic NCU-2Te thermostat is recommended for you. If you wish to set your thermostat time program with 15 minutes of increments, then the 2T thermostat is the right choice for you.

It is good to know that if you are unsure that we are offering an exchange program for 1 year after the purchase. We exchange your basic 2Te control unit for a smarter one by calculating its full value into the new price if you change your mind within 1 year. 

If you plan to choose a radio control unit then you have to decide to what extent of local setting you need on the control unit.

If the answer is none e.g. for schools, kindergartens and hostels, then our recommendation is the NCU-ER thermostat which can only be programmed and controlled from the smart phone app.

If you want to set the comfort temperature on the control unit but the eco temperature in the app, e.g. at an office building then the  NCU-1R is the right choice.

If you want to set the time program in the app but would like the option to set the current temperature also on the themostat as well, then the NCU-2R control unit is ideal for you.

If you would like the remote access and smart control option but only plan to have 1-2 panel heaters, we have the Nobo Dimplex Alta Wifi panels available, whose built-in control unit is Wifi-ready so it can be programmed and controlled from the smart phone app without the need to purchase a separate remote control unit.