Floor heating control units

NOBO underfloor heating mats are the perfect solution for heating your tiled floors, in bathrooms and other rooms, but Nobo's floor heating system can also be an excellent choice for hardwood or laminate flooring. With Nobo elements, you can now experience the comfort of a warm floor on any floor surface, and after experiencing the comfortable warmth of a floor equipped with a Nobo heating mat, you will no longer want to return to previous heating solutions.


The perfect control unit for the Nobø underfloor heating is the popular NTB 2R. When working on the development of Nobø's underfloor heating thermostat, usability a main consideration. The thermostat, which can be operated with both local and central control, was immediately welcomed by the market, as it can be easily integrated as part of the Nobo concept.


Thanks to the adaptive start, the NTB-2R room thermostats heat the room at the set time which is calculated from the temperature and time values of the previous 10 days. This function can only be used in the case of independent programming on its own interface.


In case of control with Eco Hub, the adaptive function does not come into operation, but lower energy consumption and higher heating comfort have never been easier. All it takes is a new Nobo Energy Control app (for smartphone or tablet).


Nobo Energy Control


Nobo Energy Control is a wireless energy control system that allows you to control your home's heating system for the whole family using a smartphone or a tablet.

Nobo Energy Control is easy and quick to install, and once it's ready, setting up individual heating programs tailored to your home is a cake-walk.

Nobo Energy Control can reduce your heating costs by up to 25%. With full and comprehensive control of the heating panels, you can easily reduce the temperature of rooms you are not using or control the temperature with an app, no matter where you are in the world.




Nobo ECO HUB requires a Wi-Fi-capable router to operate. The ECO HUB uses its own wireless radio network to communicate with the devices it controls, so only the ECO HUB needs to be connected to the internet router.

A smartphone or tablet running the Nobo Energy Control application accesses the Nobo ECO HUB via the router, so remote control requires an internet connection.



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NOBO NTB-2R Digital room thermostat - White
50.000 Ft
NOBO NTB-2R Digital room thermostat - Black
50.000 Ft
NOBO NTB-2T Digital room thermostat - White
45.000 Ft
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