After entering a few details, you can find out how much NOBØ heating panel you need to comfortably heat the selected rooms. The recommender calculates the power requirement of a single-room room, so if you want to know the desired power value for several rooms, make the settings again!

The nature of the use of the property to be heated

Choose how you want to heat your property!

Location of the room inside the building

Válassza ki, hogy milyen jellegű épületben helyezkednek el a fűteni kívánt helységek!

Energy class

Choose the energy class or the structure of your building!

Heating demand

Select how to use the heating system!

Will be in aqueous or non-aqueous room

Select the function of the room you want to heat!

Size selector

Select the height of the wall behind the heating panel!


Specify whether you plan to place furniture before or above the heating panel!

Choose design

Select the heating panel design!


Select the control mode of the heating panel!

Specify sizes

Use the following sliders to select the floor area and the height of the room to be heated!

1 m² 80 m²
2 m 5 m
Your choice

Based on the information provided, you should choose a NOBØ heating panel with at least this capacity to ensure comfortable heating in all weather conditions.

The power of our largest heating panel is 2400 W, so if the power demand of a given room is higher than this value, you can heat this room by using several heating panels.

---- W
Calculated performance
Picture Product name Stock Unit price Quantity Sum
Heating panel Heating panel
0 Ft
0 Ft
Termostat Termostat
0 Ft
0 Ft
Addition Addition
0 Ft
0 Ft
0 Ft