Products for Bathroom


You can choose the panel heater closest to your taste and suitable for your requirements, because Nobo Fjord, Oslo and Oslo Glass series all meet the IP 24 standard therefore suitable for damp rooms!

So you can mount them in any bathroom, kithcen, or even a swimming pool, as they are resistant to dripping water.

You can mount a towel holder rod above the panel so your towels will dry due to the warm air flow upwards.

Moreover, they can be controlled by the Nobo ECO HUB central unit and accessed remotely.

The ideal hight for mounting the panel from the floor level is 10-15 cm however in small rooms mounting it at 50-60 cm height the efficiency will ot change significantly. In this case you may have to set a slightly higher temperature on the thermostat to achieve the required comfort temperature.

Another alternative for your bathroom is the TRP-100 panel heater as this heating panel with towel holder racks has a unique design, however these models can only be controlled by the integrated thermostat on the side of the panel.

It is also popular to use an underfloor heating mat in bathrooms, by which you can enjoy the warm floor in this tiled room.

We recommend the NUM-160 series as an additional heating method or even a complete heating solution for your bathroom, depending on the area.

If you are uncertain about the equipment to chose or the required power please use our Product recommender.


We offer a 5-year full warranty on all products and a 10-year heating pad warranty.