Heating Cable Mats - 100 W

The heating cable mat is a perfect solution for heating under a tile surface but can also be installed under hardwood or laminate floors. The cosy warm floor is possible using the Nobo heating solutions on any type of floor so you will never want to give up this heating method.

The high quality mat has a full width adhesive covering on fibre mesh and three separate glue strips for secure installation on underlay. It is delivered in double sealed packaging, ensuring optimum glue quality and easy installation. Tile adhesive can be laid directly on NUM heating mat for a low building height. With a 3mm cable, it has a very low build height and is available in 0,5 m width and a wide range of lenghts for flexible and easy installation in any room. Both mat and adhesive covering foil can be cut to fit before installation. NUM 100W/m2 can be laid directly on a flammable surface.

Nobø recommends to always use insulation before installing heating mat for the most energy-efficient heating system. NUM is ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, basements etc.

We recommend our NTB-2R thermostat for user friendly operation either locally or as part of our Nobø Energy Control system. NUM heating cable mats carry a 10-year warranty.

The heating mats can be easily installed during new construction or during renovation into the underlay. Wide range of sizes availalbe from 60 W to 1800 W.


Silent, efficient and invisible, the NUM Heating Cable mat is the ideal floor heating for larger rooms in constant use.

  • 3 mm Low build height
  • 100W/m2 output
  • uniform 50 cm width, wide range of length
  • invisible comfort
  • self adhesive covering provides easy installation
  • NTB 2R energy saving thermostat provides accurate temperature setting
  • programmable and compatible with NOBO ECO Hub smart system
  • NOBO Energy Control - remote control

Heating mats can't be installed under fully closed furniture that will not allow air circulation.

Heating cables must be installed by an authorized installer. We don't provide installation service but the construction manual provides the installation instructions for your tile installer professional. Resistance must be measured at every phase of the installation: unpacking, before installation and after installation.

The condition for the 10-year warrantly is having the documented process of proper installation by the authorized specialist.

Product selector

Stock Type Info Heating area* Amperage Length Quantity Unit price
NOBO NUM100 60
0,6 m² 0,3 A 1,2 m
20.600 Ft
NOBO NUM100 105
1 m² 0,5 A 2,1 m
28.900 Ft
NOBO NUM100 180
1,8 m² 0,8 A 3,6 m
35.900 Ft
NOBO NUM100 220
2,2 m² 1 A 4,4 m
39.500 Ft
NOBO NUM100 290
2,9 m² 1,3 A 5,8 m
60.800 Ft
NOBO NUM100 410
4,1 m² 1,8 A 8,2 m
67.400 Ft
NOBO NUM100 460
4,7 m² 2 A 9,4 m
73.300 Ft
NOBO NUM100 560
5,6 m² 2,4 A 11,2 m
91.700 Ft
NOBO NUM100 820
8,2 m² 3,6 A 16,5 m
132.300 Ft
NOBO NUM100 1000
10,2 m² 4,3 A 20,3 m
138.800 Ft
NOBO NUM100 1200
11,8 m² 5,2 A 23,7 m
163.200 Ft
NOBO NUM100 1800
17,9 m² 7,8 A 35,8 m
294.600 Ft
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