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NOBO NUM100 560

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Silent, efficient and invisible, the NUM Heating Cable mat is the ideal floor heating for bigger rooms.

  • 3 mm Low build height
  • 100W/m2 output
  • uniform 50 cm width, wide range of length
  • invisible comfort
  • self adhesive covering provides easy installation
  • NTB 2R and NTB 2T programmable and energy saving thermostats provide accurate temperature setting
  • NTB 2R compatible with NOBO ECO Hub smart system
  • NOBO Energy Control app - remote accessibility

Heating mats can't be installed under fully closed furniture that will not allow air circulation.

Heating cables must be installed by an authorized installer. We don't provide installation service but the construction manual provides the installation instructions for your tile installer professional. Resistance must be measured at every phase of the installation: unpacking, before installation and after installation.

The condition for the 10-year warranty is having the documented process of proper installation by the authorized specialist.

Heating area: 5,6 m²
Amperage: 2,4 A
Length (m): 11,2 m