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NCU-ER is a radio unit for panel heaters, compatible with Nobø Eco Hub – and our app Nobø Energy Control. Fits all Nobø heaters of the type NT.. and NF..


  • No local control
  • Set temperature and weekly programs in app
  • Avoid unauthorized temperature adjustments
  • Compatible with all Nobø panel heaters
  • Must be used with Nobø Eco Hub

You can control and define eco- and comfort temperatures in the Nobø Energy Control app. Setting weekly heating programs is also done in the app.


This unit is recommended in schools, kindergartens, children's rooms, hostels, common areas and any other room where local temperature adjustments is to be avoided.

The unit is only controlled by the Nobø Energy Control app, and has no local control option. This makes it a safe option for locations where users are not supposed to be able to control heating locally.


NCU-ER will automatically synchronize with NCU-2R if both units are in the same zone.


NCU-ER meets the requirements of the Ecodesign directive when used together with a system controlled by Nobø Hub and the app Nobø Energy Control.