Code: NOBO NTL2N 05 + NOBO NCU 2Te


  • Performance: 500 W
  • Heating area: 7 m²
Termostat / Controller
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94.000 Ft
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The classic white steel front and clean edges provide a modern, timeless look for this Nobo Oslo panel heater.
Hence it is suitable for any style of interior design. It can be mounted on the wall or made mobile with the castors as accessories. 
The heating concept is based on convection: the cool air enters the heater at the bottom and the warm air flows upwards from the top air outlets.
The panels can be conveniently operated with the new generation digital NCU control units on he top right corner which offers more precise  temperature setting options, constant heat and energy saving.
The thermostat is located at the bottom of the panel analyzing the temperature of the returning air flow, controlling the room temperature precisely.
We offer 5 years full warranty for every panel and 10 years for the heating pad.


Please select which control unit you would like to purchase for your heater and the calculation will show the price including that control unit.


The control unit will be shown as a separate unit on the bill and in the shopping cart. This does not impact the end price.

The recommended area for heating is influenced by the local circumstances.


We offer a 5-year full warranty on all products and a 10-year heating pad warranty.

  • Elektronikus hőfokszabályzás
    Electronic temperature control
  • Eco design minősített
    Eco design certified
  • Okostelefonról programozható
    Can be programmed from a smartphone
  • Hatékony kerámia fűtőbetét
    Efficient ceramic heating pad
  • Alacsonyabb üzemi hőmérséklet
    Lower operating temperature
Performance: 500 W
Heating area: 7 m²
Amperage: 2.2 A
Length: 73 cm
Height: 20 cm