Code: NOBO NFK4N 10 + NOBO NCU 2Te


  • Performance: 1000 W
  • Heating area: 14 m²
Termostat / Controller
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Nobo Fjord is a modern panel heater with front air outlet especially designed to distribute warm air evenly in the room.

The updated and improved air outlet on the front of the panel ensure optimal heat distribution and a timeless design.


The result is optimal indoor temperature at every point of the room. NOBO Fjord does not glow, so no dust is burnt on the surface therefore it supports a healthy air indoors.

The edges are rounded which provides a smooth look and a safer environment. Its size is smaller compared to other similar heaters and the standby effect is only 0.5 W - best in class.


The panels can be conveniently operated with new generation digital NCU control units located on the top right. The thermostat is placed at the bottom of the panel which controls the temperature in the room and analyzes the temperature of the returning air flow.


We offer all products with 5 years full warranty and 10 years warranty for the heating pad.


We offer a 5-year full warranty on all products and a 10-year heating pad warranty.

  • Electronic temperature control
    Electronic temperature control
  • Eco design certified
    Eco design certified
  • Can be programmed from a smartphone
    Can be programmed from a smartphone
  • Efficient ceramic heating pad
    Efficient ceramic heating pad
  • Lower operating temperature
    Lower operating temperature
Performance: 1000 W
Heating area: 14 m²
Amperage: 4.3 A
Length: 73 cm
Height: 40 cm