When Gas Heating Fails, Nobo Norwegian Electric Heating Panels Come to the Rescue

"Anything that can go wrong..."

Experiencing the inconvenience of a sudden breakdown in our gas or heat pump heating systems during the cold months is a scenario many of us have faced. Typically, these malfunctions occur on weekends, or worse, during holidays, on the coldest days of winter when we rely on heating the most. Recently, a colleague of ours and a relative both encountered this issue. Fortunately, they knew that Nobo electric heating panels could provide a solution to this pressing problem.

Gas Heating: It Always Fails at the Wrong Time

Gas heating and heat pumps are popular heating solutions in many households. However, like any other complex systems, they have their drawbacks. One of the significant challenges with gas heating or heat pumps is that they are intricate systems, requiring specialized parts and expertise for servicing. Unfortunately, they often fail when subjected to higher demands, that is exactly when the boiler or heat pump is most needed for heating and hot water. Whether it's freezing winter nights or morning showers, a gas heating malfunction can cause considerable discomfort, not to mention the costs of repairs, service calls, parts, and wasted time.

Nobo Electric Heating Panels: Swift Solution to the Problem

Nobo electric heating panels offer a modern and efficient alternative to traditional gas heating or in case of a heat pump system failure. You simply unpack them and connect the panels to the electrical network. If needed, you can also mount them on castors (optional accessory), eliminating the need to drill into the wall for the Nobo Norwegian heating panel. When switched on, the panels provide rapid convection heating through their ceramic heating pads and are easily controllable through the built-in thermostat or in case of smart energy control system, the mobile application. The latter allows for remote temperature regulation, particularly convenient when adjusting heating from work or another location.

Nobo panel heater on castor

Nobo electric panel heaters have numerous advantages over traditional gas heating. They not only provide faster heating but also require less frequent maintenance and repairs compared to other conventional heating systems. Additionally, electric heating is an environmentally friendly solution, especially when combined with solar panel (PV) systems.

The smart technology employed by Nobo electric heating panels enables users to precisely regulate the temperature in rooms individually, optimizing energy consumption and reducing costs. Thus, Nobo electric heating systems offer not only a quick but also an economical solution.

Backup Heating or Immediate Solution in Gas Heating System Failures

According to Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. If your conventional gas heating or heat pump system breaks down, Nobo electric heating panels step in, offering a modern and reliable alternative to traditional heating solutions. If you want to avoid the inconveniences of sudden malfunctions and require simple, ready-to-use, and dependable heating during cold winter days, considering the purchase of Nobo electric heating panels might be worthwhile. This not only helps to avoid discomfort but can also lead to long-term cost savings. In case of an emergency, our online store offers immediate in-person pickup or home delivery usually within 2 workdays.

This not only ensures the security of a backup heating solution but also opens the door to future upgrades and modernizations. Nobo electric heating panels can be useful not only as a backup solution but also for later conversions, modernizations, or for extra heating in bathrooms, guest rooms, or even in vacation homes.