The warm foundation of a comfortable home: Nobo Electric underfloor heating

Creating and maintaining the warmth of our home is one of the basic comfort aspects, so now that the heating season is over, it's time to start with the improvements and renovations. Electric underfloor heating is an increasingly popular solution in modern homes, and not by chance. In the following, we will review the main advantages of electric floor heating, as well as why it is worth installing this comfortable heating system now, during the spring-summer season.

Nobo elektromos padlófűtés


The advantages of electric underfloor heating

1. Excellent Comfort and Even Heat Distribution:
The main advantage of having an electric underfloor heating is that the heat rises from the floor, so it is evenly distributed throughout the room. This provides excellent comfort for the residents, as the cold floor heats up, which creates a more pleasant feeling. Especially in bathrooms, it is the most popular if the floor is pleasantly warm.

2. Energy efficiency:
Electric underfloor heating systems usually work with high efficiency. Uniform heat distribution and low temperature operation allow you to use less energy compared to traditional heating systems. Of course, this is valid in the case of professional installation and compliance with the correct layer order, and is used primarily in the case of ceramic tiles. By choosing a top layer of hardwood, laminate or carpet the efficiency is slightly reduced, but the comfort compensates us.

3. Cost effectiveness:
Although the initial costs of installing electric underfloor heating may be higher, it can result in significant savings in the long run due to energy efficient operation and minimal maintenance required.

4. Space utilization and Aesthetics:
Electric floor heating is invisibly integrated under the floor, so it does not take up space in the room's furnishings. This provides more space for the furniture and increases the aesthetic appeal of the interior.


Season and method of Nobo electric heating mat installation

The ideal time to install Nobo electric underfloor heating is outside the heating season, so its optimal to begin now, at the end of spring. It is worthwhile to start looking for a contractor, there is still enough time to complete the construction and installation of the heating system until the cold weather arrives. This way, residents can enjoy the comfort and efficiency of electric floor heating even before the winter cold sets in.

The electric heating mats produced by Nobo can be easily installed during a renovation, if there is a thermal insulation layer underneath. Compared to traditional water-operated floor heating, it is easier to install and takes up less space, as it fits in a thickness of merely 5 mm.

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For smaller or for less frequently used rooms (e.g. bathroom), we recommend the more powerful, more dynamic 160 W heating mat.

For larger rooms where they are constantly staying or are heated, we recommend the lower power 100 W heating mat, but you can also choose the 160 W series.

The length of the heating mat must be chosen according to the size of the floor area to be heated; mats are available in rolls with uniform width of 50 cm. The floor area to be heated is calculated by deducting the areas under such furniture and sanitary facilities that are closed to the floor level and also by deducting 5-10 cm along the walls.


Nobo NUM fűtőszőnyeg

For each room select the underfloor heating control units per zone, i.e. the number and type of room thermostats: local or radio controlled version; the latter for central control system with Eco Hub. If you choose a system equipped with such a radio thermostat, with Eco Hub and the installation of the Nobo Energy Control application, remote smart control will be enabled in your home, which will make it really practical and flexible to control your heating from anywhere, at any time.

We provide support to our customers to plan these steps, after providing us with the floor plan and the equipment plan, as well as insulation information and user needs.

Before laying the electric heating mat, the technician must prepare a detailed laying plan to precisely check the required dimensions. Installation must be done by a professional technician, during the process and after the required control measurements and checks must be documented as specified in the installation guide. This is necessary for the 10-year warranty to be valid for your installed underfloor heating.

Electric underfloor heating is a modern and comfortable solution that has many advantages in terms of home heating systems. Installing it in the current season gives you the opportunity to prepare for the cold period in time, while enjoying the even heat and comfortable home atmosphere.