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Dimplex Alta panel heater 500W, with 2Te thermostat

  • Performance: 500 W
  • Heating area: 7 m²
Termostat / Controller
Bult in thermostat:
NCU 2Te local control unit
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NOBO brand is part of the Dimplex group offering a wide range of products, from which we introduce one of the latest panel heaters. The Dimplex Alta series is based on the well known NOBO Oslo panels but it is has now a built-in control unit type '2Te'.

The Dimplex Alta panel heaters have a digital heating control unit which has a sensor with 0,05°C precision, ensuring a constant heat distribution. The standby effect of 0,5 W is best in class and meets the requirements of the energy standard of 2025. These latest technologies provide a more energy saving operation.

The classic white steel front and clean edges provide a smooth look and safer environment for this panel heater. Its size is more compact than most similar products' and it is energy efficient solution.

When the outer temperature drops, most competitiors can't keep the room temperature on an even level. Dimplex Alta on the other hand can keep the programmed temperature even when the outer temperature is fluctuating.

The panels can be conveniently operated with the new generation digital NCU control units on he top right corner which offers more precise  temperature setting options, constant heat and energy saving.

The thermostat is located at the bottom of the panel analyzing the temperature of the returning air flow, controlling the room temperature precisely.
We offer 5 years full warranty for every panel and 10 years for the heating pad.

Every Dimplex Alta panel heater has its own built-in control unit on its top right. Every panel can be controlled separately and each room can beinidviually heated as per requirement. E.g. living room: 22°C, kitchen: 21°C, bedroom: 19°C, bathroom: 21°C.

The recommended area for heating is influenced by the local circumstances.


We offer a 5-year full warranty on all products and a 10-year heating pad warranty.

Performance: 500 W
Heating area: 7 m²
Amperage: 2.2 A
Length: 53 cm
Height: 40 cm