Code: TRP 100 W

Bathroom heating, white

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Bathroom panel heaters with towel racks and white surface.

TRP-100 models can only be programmed with the integrated thermostat on the right side of the panel.


  •     Power 1000 W
  •     2 adjustable hand towel holder racks with 4 height options

The ideal hight for mounting the panel from the floor level is 10-15 cm however in small rooms mounting it on 50-60 cm height the efficiency will ot chnage significantly. In this case you may have to set a slightly higher temperature on the thermostat to achieve the required comfort temperature.



We offer a 5-year full warranty on all products and a 10-year heating pad warranty.

Color: White
Performance: 1000 W
Heating area: 14 m²
Length: 42 cm
Height: 108 cm